Caliplac Panel Fitting

Caliplac Sandwich Panels are fitted on a wood or metal structure, alternating joints and fixing the panel.

CALIPLAC researches and applies new construction formulas that are safe, sustainable and effective, recommendable for new builds and restorations. According to your construction needs, our technical staff will advise you on the thickness and type of core to use, and the possible finishes for the panel.

Panels are joined together using the dovetail system, avoiding thermal bridges. Using Caliplac Sandwich Panels is quick and easy. They reduce building time and construction costs considerably.

Caliplac Sandwich Panels are fitted on a wood or metal structure, alternating transverse joints and supporting the panel at least three points. It is a quick and simple process that considerably reduces building time and construction costs.

Fitting starts from the lower part of the roof, progressing towards the ridge. They can be alternating, staggered or continuous.


1/ Damp-proof particleboard, OSB, phenolic, etc. panel
2/ Core insulating*: Extruded polystyrene XPS.
3/ Visible interior face with finishes in: Fir panelling, plasterboard, phenolic plywood, etc…

*We can also offer the insulating core in Cork Conglomerate.


Uses floor and ceiling channels and reinforced metal H struts.


An installation system that allows both sides of the panels to be fitted at the same time. The panels have a core that is smaller than the exterior face allowing them to be fitted on reinforced H profiles. The spaces are filled with mineral wool to avoid thermal bridges. The finishing panels are fitted divided, as in the conventional system.

These panels can be fitted in two ways: directly or self-supporting.


The panel is placed metal or wood bracing previously fixed to the wall. The omega profile is used and the core is dovetailed for continuous overlapping of the panels, thus avoiding thermal bridges. Screws are used for affixing.


The panel is fitted on a free-standing profile fixed to ceiling and floor, which permits the creation of air pockets of desired size. To avoid the thermal bridge the profiles are filled with mineral wool.

The panels are fitted directly over the floor structure, be it wooden, metal or concrete beams. The panels are dovetailed at the core, guaranteeing perfect coupling of the pieces.

For definitive anchoring self-tapping screws are used for wooden structures, and self-drilling screws for metal structures. Different finishes can be placed on the exterior face of the panel to finalize the floor of the living space: parquet, tarima, plaquete…

Quick and effective installations

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